Friday, 25 May 2012

Kiseki By GReen (Cerita Jepun Rookies)

I'll love you more tomorrow than today.
These overflowing emotions won't stop.
Right now, I love you so much!
I can't even put it into words.

The days you've given me accumulate.
The days that have passed, the paths we walked together.
Whether our meeting was coincidence,
Or fate, just the fact that we met is a MIRACLE.

*We walk close together
Making our love tangible
I want to always be smiling by your side.
"Thank You" and ah~ "I love you"
Just aren't enough just at least let me say I'm happy.

Just having your right hand wrapped up in my left hand, made me feel your love.
We found the little happiness in each day. In the slow path we walked.
Our meeting is just one small thing.
In a big world, but just the fact that we met is a MIRACLE.

^Even on days when nothing goes well, just being together cheers me up.
And I can forget the bravado and loneliness.
When I'm with you, lala (rara), I can be myself.
Just stay with me forever my beloved.

When we fooled around on the way home, that was one of our precious days, too.
And when I finally get up the courage to tell you how I felt,
The expression on your face was one I'd never seen before.
There was a pause, and then you nodded. Our hearts are filled with love.
We're still on our journey towards the future that will hopefully continue for our dozens of years.

Even if we lose sight of tomorrow~~~~

Until the last second, I'll be smiling more tomorrow than today.
Just being with you makes me feel that way.
Ten years, hundred years, thousand years, let's spend time together. I LOVE YOU!

 I love this song so much.. It can wake up your spirit and make you brave to see the future.. And thats story is all about FRIENDSHIP. Well, it is an old story but i realy like it, compare to malay movie which have to much love,liars,tears and zero input. Once you have watch this movie, you will know the value of a teacher, and a value of a FRIENDSHIP :)


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