Monday, 16 January 2012

i LikE ! kids in future?

Nowadays environment, one will hold a gadget in their hands. No matter u are suffer so much to get it. in money crisis especially, u 'll try so hard to grab one. Either iphone,ipod,galaxy tab,ipad or even new release handphone, u'll be the most happiest person in da world. Agree?hehe

Even a kids, they dont play masak-masak using pasir anymore, but they will play dinner dash,cooking academy or cafe world in facebook. And the  boys, they love to play PES,counter strike compare do it in real world. Main tembak-tembak dengan kawan and play football in lumpur. No kids will play that anymore in this millenium world.

Imagine what will happen in future? about 10 the world look like huh?

Peace :)

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Jαnnαhツ said...

i paid. of coz papa must pay. huhu